Before submitting, check:

  1. Is the manuscript suitable for the journal you are submitting in terms of research fields and quality requirements?
  2. Have you read each line of the “Guide to Author” of the submitting Journal? Pay special attention to: 1), organization of the manuscript; 2), abstract style and key words; 3), reference format.  Do not submit if you have not read the “Guide to Author” carefully.
  3. Read through the whole manuscript from the first word to the last word slowly to check: 1), is the word spelled correctly? 2), do the data in the text agree with what in the Table or Figure? 3), are references cited all listed or listed all cited? 4), are text and paragraphs formatted uniformly?
  4. Provide a cover letter
  5. Remember: in a reviewer’s mind, a poorly prepared manuscript reflected poorly exercised science.


How a reviewer check the quality of your manuscript:

1. Do the research and the results present a significant new advance to a clearly identified technological problem or scientific question?
2. Are the objectives of the research clearly defined, and is the research in line with the objectives?
3. Is the introduction clearly presented, and confined to the research objective?
4. Are the experimental methods appropriate, and are they described clearly and with sufficient details for the work to be repeatable?
5. Are the data quantitative, understandable, and presented clearly?
6. Is the statistical treatment of the data adequate?
7. Are the results and conclusions clearly presented and do they support the claims made by the authors?
8. Is the discussion integrated with the results, clearly presented and confined to the research data?
9. Are the language, grammar, and style of high standard?
10. Are the figures and tables of high quality?
11. Does the title adequately reflect the content of the manuscript?
12. Can the abstract be understood on its own and does it contain the relevant facts?
13. Are the most relevant references all cited, can unnecessary or marginally relevant references be omitted?